"Your evaluation license has expired" error message after 1st Rider launch

The error message may appear after 1st Rider startup (just after activating 30-day evaluation) and may look like this:



Rider stores a couple of settings related to evaluation license in its configuration files. If these config files are corrupted for some reason, evaluation check is not passed, resulting in this error.


  • On Windows: delete "C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.Rider2017.1" folder from disk.
  • On Mac OS: delete "~/Library/Preferences/Rider2017.1" folder from disk.
  • On Linux: delete "~/.Rider2017.1" folder from disk.
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I'm running OSX Yosemite (10.10.5) & there's no directory `~/Library/Preferences/.Rider2017.1`.

There is however `~/Library/Preferences/Rider2017.1`.

Removing this directory & restarting fixed the problem (though I had to invalidate caches & restart once).


If you have settings you want to keep, like fonts, colours, inspections, etc, you wan to keep. Goto File > Export Settings and save the settings.jar to your desktop. Delete the folder as above. Then once Rider has restarted you can import your settings, File > Import Settings.


-- Rich


Following these instruction on a mac broke my debugging. My F# projects will no longer debug. I confirmed it was due to this by restoring my Library/Preferences/Rider2017.1 folder. 

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The deletion of ~/Library/Preferences/Rider2017.1/resharper-host/DecompilerCache is what broke the debugger. Restoring that folder fixed it. Please update your documentation or provide a fix that is a sharp tool rather than a blunt object



This doesn't help for long. A little bit after I delete the folder the problem resurfaces and I get the same prompt. It's weird, it took 10 minutes or so for it to happen


It works for me

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Had the same issue this morning, removed/uninstalled previous Rider version (2017.1 RC) and then was able to use 30-day evaluation on the latest version (Rider 2017.1).


Still having the problem after deleting the folder, uninstalling / re-installing Rider, I'm supposed to have an evaluation until September 3rd.

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On startup I see my expiration date is 21 Nov 2019 but after some time I see this error that my trail is expired

check out screenshot


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