What version of .NET Core is supported?

As of version 2018.1, Rider supports .csproj-based .NET Core 1.x and 2.x applications, including creating from template, loading, editing and debugging.

Rider does not support obsolete project.json-based .NET Core 1.0.x applications.


I  notice this post is six months old. Is it still the case that you cannot debug .NET Core applications?


I asked that on twitter some time ago.

They answered debugging in .NET Core is currently NOT supported at all and might be supported late in 2017. I do not know if that is the current status.


The .net core (1.x) debugger definitely works :-)


Is it possible that the deadline for .NET Core 2.0 support will be earlier than expected now that .NET Core 2.0 has been released? The only bit that is really missing is the ability to run the tests.

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Is this delay related to the fact that Rider isn't finished yet? Or is rider now be considered to be a fully released (1.0) version?

So will the release cycles to support new frameworks faster when Rider is fully released ? Always waiting half an year when a new framework is released wouldn't be an option for me.




Rider 2017.1 is definitely our 1.0. Rider 2017.2 will have .NET Core 2 support, an early access preview is expected anytime now. Keep an eye on our blog - https://blogs.jetbrains.com/dotnet

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Is there at least a way to suppress the ".NET Core 2.0 is not fully supported" warning?  I don't need it to pop up every time it loads a project.  By now, I know it's not supported.

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I'm currently running Rider 2018.1.4 but I'm being unable to debug .net core 2.1 projects under Fedora 30, at first Rider doesn't recognize MSBuild and doesn't load any project. I set MSBuild to dot net core 2.1 version (/usr/share/dotnet/sdk/2.1.801/MSBuild.dll), then the projects were loaded and execute OK but when I try to debug any project Rider ends showing a message like this: Error running 'ConsoleApp1': Debugger worker was not initialized within 100000 ms.

Any ideas?

Thank's in advance.


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