Using Rider under Linux: prerequisites

Development in JetBrains Rider under Linux will require at least one of the following additional frameworks depending on the kind of developed application:

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JD Please report with Help->Report a Bug. It is not going anywhere without a bug report, I am sorry.


JD, Ivan Shakhov

A temporary workaround I found was to manually install dotnet core in my home directory and add it to my path. This is not the recommended way of running core and is intended for Continuous Integration scenarios but as long as you are a single user on the system and do not mind manually updating then this could be a way to get up and running until a better solution comes along.



I am using the snap package on Ubuntu (dotnet 5.0.3xx). When trying to create a core project I get an

 MsBuild error, details: Protocol Connection already terminated. 

Any Ideas?



Help->Report a Bug, agree to attach logs, follow up here with link to the issue.


Ivan Shakhov and Steed

I believe the issue here is related to installing Rider via Snap or Flatpak where permissions are, by design, limited to the user's directory and ownership. This does not allow for Rider to see dotnet unless it is installed also under the current user and most installs are done system wide.

Installing Rider via the JetBrains Toolbox, Using apt, or manually installing appears to solve the permission issues I was having (as I installed first via flatpak) and seems to be similar with snap. Perhaps future versions of Rider can attempt to be aware of this issue in the future or allow for local installations of dotnet similar to npm/golang/composer/etc for the other JetBrains products.


If you are using Ubuntu or a derivative distro (like pop_os), currently the "jammy-updates" suite in the official Ubuntu apt repos contains some of the .net packages, which can interfere with a .net installation done with the packages from the Microsoft apt repo.

I had to pin all the relevant dotnet packages (and reinstall .net), to get Rider to properly recognize the .net sdk. Like so:

Package: dotnet-hostfxr-6.0 dotnet-sdk-6.0 dotnet-targeting-pack-6.0 dotnet-host dotnet-runtime-deps-6.0 dotnet-apphost-pack-6.0 dotnet-runtime-6.0
Pin: release o=microsoft-ubuntu-jammy-prod jammy
Pin-Priority: 1002

Package: aspnetcore-runtime-6.0 aspnetcore-targeting-pack-6.0
Pin: release o=microsoft-ubuntu-jammy-prod jammy
Pin-Priority: 1002

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The short of it:

  • My application targets and needs to target .NET Framework 4.8
  • Mono added compatibility with .NET Framework 4.8 in version 6.6
  • The current version of Mono is 6.8
  • According to this document: not all versions of Mono are comptabile with all versions of .NET / .NET Core
  • ...however compatible version pairings are only provided for Mono 5.x

    TLDR: What .NET / .NET Core version should I install to provide a compatible MSBuild library? Is it even technically possible to build applications targeting .NET Framework 4.8 with Mono & Rider on Linux?


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On Debian 11, how do I solve the issue "Xamarin Android SDK is not found"? I've tried everything I can think and googled to no end. Any suggestions on how to fix this on Linux?


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