How to get Rider Nightly build?

Every few days Rider team releases a Nightly build. You might want to subscribe to the Nightly channel to have access to the most recent bugfixes, or to be one of the first to try new features.

The steps to get the build are as follows:

  1. Download and install JetBrains Toolbox app. If you already have Toolbox app installed, see Step 3.
  2. Find JetBrains Rider in the list of products and select "Install Nightly"


  3. You can change the update channel in the product settings:
    Screen_Shot_2018-09-14_at_18.46.12.png Screen_Shot_2018-09-14_at_18.43.44.png

Please note that Nightly and EAP builds have an Exception Submitter turned on, so don't worry if you see a red exclamation mark on the bottom right corner. We would be grateful if you report the exceptions to JetBrains though.

NB! EAP and Nightly builds expire in 30 days after its release.

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I'm using nightly builds of Rider, but I'd like to know what changes/fixes were implemented in current build, is it possible to see some changelog somewhere? I was trying to filter YouTrack issues and order them by resolved date etc, but I can't find any filter to specify build version.



hi there

i'm trying to find a place where there are release notes for nightly builds

do you have such or i should try to form query on YT with ver number?



Unfortunately, there are neither release notes for nightly builds nor an easy way to know what build contains what fixes. Currently, the nightly channel is configured to v2018.1.1 wave. This means that the latest Nightly contains the fixes with fix version 2018.1.1 which state was set to "Fixed" before the build was built.


This support document appears to be out of date.

I have downloaded the latest toolbox app and used that to install Rider 2020.3.

When I view Rider's settings in the toolbox app there is no option to install nightly builds, regardless of if I have automatic updating enabled or not:

The install dropdown also does not show any nightly builds to install:

Edited by Johannes

Is it possible to keep using Nightly Buiild indefinately for free? When one build expires you just install a new build?


Same as Johannes, I can't find the option in the newest toolbox.


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