No Deployment Option in the Tools Menu

I would like to deploy my frontend via FTP. I managed to add a deployment configuration, but I can't find the option to actually deploy. Shouldn't it be in the Tools menu just like in IntelliJ?


Hi Laurin

What is the type of the project you want to deploy? In this article you can find some tips for most common scenarios. 


Hi Alexandra

It is a simple NuxtJs based frontend for my application. All I want to do, is execute the FTP deployment configuration I was able to create. I am missing the options pictured here (from IntelliJ documentation):

I was able to do something similar with the remote host tab, but I have to manually delete the files first, otherwise old files no longer in my sources will persist on there.

The workflow in IntelliJ is quiet elegant and would be helpful in Rider.

Hi Laurin!
Unfortunately, it is not possible to add this menu item to Rider right now.
However, you can use these features in a tool window which is available via `View | Tool windows | Remote host`. Please let me know if you have any other questions about this.

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