Rider. Find in Files for unreal engine plugin "projects"

Unreal engine suggests when using Lyra and to heavily use GameFeature plugin projects for code structure.

However Rider doesn't see these as proper standalone 'projects'.


Is there any way to get it to show up properly in search easily?

I know I can do 'directory search' but its a bit messier that way. As it only saves a few recent ones and I don't want to have to 'navigate' to my plugin projects all the time. It'd be great if I could just have Rider have it in my dropdown as my 'favorites' or something. 

Or perhaps a 'favorites directory' I guess could work too?



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Hello Namrog84,

Regrettably, limiting search scope to a particular plugin is not very convenient at the moment - you have to use the Directory search or define custom scopes manually (Settings | Appearance & Behavior | Scopes) and use the Scope search. Please feel free to vote for and comment on this feature request.


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