.NET 8 Support with MAUI Workload

We've noticed some MAUI bugs with .NET 6 and 7 that are now fixed with 8. We'd like to proceed with our conversion efforts while developing on .NET 8. Using Rider for Mac would be ideal. When is .NET 8 support planned for the preview edition of Rider?

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Hello Jeremy,

Thank you for contacting Rider support.

.NET 8 is in only preview as of now, and it is not yet officially supported in Rider. Regrettably, we cannot share any estimates on when it will be officially supported in Rider. We would appreciate it if you could try your scenario with Rider 2023.1 EAP and let us know if you encounter any issues. In case of any issues, do not hesitate to report it directly to our tracker.

Have a nice day!


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