'Auto-Detect Code Style' break namespace auto completion

In Unity3d project Rider 2022.2.4 and 2023.1 EAP5 disappeard hint about 'namespace doesn't correspond to file location' after auto detecting rules

- folder 'namespace provider' is enabled

- inspection is marked as warning, and i can se another warnings

- Unity Rider plugin is up-to-date

- removing / regenerating project files doesn't help

- importing settings from another user didn't help

Am I missing some option?

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Hello Dmitry,

could you please confirm if you have Player projects option enabled in Unity preferences | External Tools | Generate .csproj files for. When this is enabled, then the same C# files may be included into several projects that might have different root namespaces. So in order to avoid conflicting code inspection warnings, Namespace does not correspond to file location inspection is automatically disabled.

If this is not your case, then we'll need some more information on your project folder and namespace structure, root namespace etc. A sample solution would be very helpful, if it's possible for you.

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- disabled Player Projects in Unity preferences | External Tools | Generate .csproj files

- removed old .csproj  files

- generated new one


and after solution analysis hint appeared. Thanks for your help.

I should mention that I can't know from somewhere, that reason was in this option, may be there should be some hint in Unity preferences.

Anyway, Thanks for your help

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Hello Dmitry,

Thank you for your feedback! I've submitted a new issue RIDER-91157. You can vote for the issue and subscribe for future updates in YouTrack. The issue will be handled by a dedicated developer there.


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