How to make the selection persistent after inserting the parentheses around it?

In Rider, suppose I have some code like `let x = 1+2`. I can select `1+2` and then press Shift+9 to add a parenthesis. This would result in `let x = (1+2)`. But after that has been done the selection will disappear, unlike in VS Code. It would have been better if it remained persistent as that would allow me to press Right and put the cursor at the end the selection. Is there a setting to make the selections persistent even after parenthesis insertion?

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Hi Mrakgr

Unfortunately, there is no way to leave the selection after adding parentheses. However, you can press `Shift+0` instead. In this case, the caret will be placed at the end of the selected code exactly as you want. 

I hope this helps! Should you have any other questions, let us know. Have a great day! 



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