Run a .Net Api in watch mode and debig


I am a new user and I am trying to make my .Net 6 Api run in both watch and debug mode.

I see by default there is already the option to run it debug mode and the breakpoints work. Instead to run it with watch command (so the Api rebuilds automatically on file changes) I found this plugin .​NET Watch Run Configuration that also work and does the job.

But I can't find how to combine these two functionalities. I tried to run watch first and then attach to a process named like the Api but it didn't work. I get the error:

Could not attach to the process 65655. Undefined resource string ID:0x7C69 (0x80131C69). The error code is 0x80131C69.

How can I run the program with watch and debug functionalities?

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Hello Chen,

Thank you for contacting Rider support.

At the moment, Rider supports Hot Reload with Debug on Windows only. We have this feature request on our tracker for non-Windows and would appreciate it if you could upvote it to demonstrate your interest.

The watch configuration doesn't support debugging, that is why the Debug button is not clickable for such a configuration. You may encounter problems, while trying to attach debugger to such a process.

This error means that there was at least one reload done for this process, so that you can not attach a debugger to it. It behaves similar in Visual Studio, but there is a more meaningful error message. See this similar issue.

I reported this usability problem to our tracker. Feel free to upvote it to demonstrate your interest.

Should you have any other questions or difficulties, please let me know.
Have a nice day!


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