Include all the obj folders in a big solution

Helle everyone, I’d like to know how to include all the obj folders in a solution because we have a generated class in the obj folder that Rider don’t index and I am getting errors. the thing is we have a big solution (+300 projects) and I can’t do it one by one, BTW it works in visual studio without any settings.

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Hello Mkmebarkia,

Thank you for reaching Rider forum.

Could you please could you try finding indexLayout.xml in .idea folder? Is it empty?

Additionally, can you please describe your use case? Why would you like to index these folders? 

Thank you in advance! 

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Hello Anna, my problem is that we have a generated classes in those obj folders that Rider don't see (Index) them so I am getting a lot of types errors where those types are used and the thing is we have such a big nombre of projects so I can't go index those obj folders manually so what I want something like index all the obj folders in the solution. Like I mentioned it works in Visual studio and I am unable to work with Rider at the moment.



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