Rider sometimes jumps to a different line when clicking back in after alt tab

I'll have my cursor in rider doing some work. Then I'll click out into a browser or something (alt tab) outside of rider.


Then when I'm coming back I go to click a specific area or line in Rider, but then it jumps up to a different position and I have to click around. It's a bit disorientating and breaks my flow. 

I'm not sure if its some kind of 'smart feature' or something I am accidentally using, but I'd like to shut it off, unless its a bug?

It's been happening for weeks (multiple reboots). And it's just getting to be a bit much. I will try and narrow down the exact steps that triggers it, since it doesn't happen 100% of the time. 


Does anyone have any ideas?



I figured out how to reproduce it.

I have 2 instances of Rider open. Both Rider's are opened to unreal engine .uprojects named BWG and Lyra.

I have BWG someFile.h open to a particular line and cursor on let's say line 85. 

I alt tab to Lyra and do a Ctrl Shift F (Find In Files) and search some file and double click a file.

Then I click back into BWG, and it jumps up at least a few lines worth. and NOT where in the file I've just clicked. And it only moves up after I click back into Rider and into file




Hello Namrog84,

Would you mind recording a short video demonstrating the issue so we can look into this problem?


Hey sorry about that delay. I was having some trouble reproing it and then I got pulled away from working on Unreal/C++ stuff for a while and haven't had a chance to get back to it yet.  If you need to, you can close the ticket and I can reopen it only after I have a video. I'm not sure when that will be though. 


Thanks for the update!

If you encounter this issue again, it would be great if you could additionally send us your Rider logs (collected via Help->Collect Logs). You can upload the log archive to the Upload service and leave the Upload ID in this thread.


I can reproduce the same issue.

Open two instances of Rider. One with a solution and another one with a second worktree of the same solution, working on a different branch. Each rider window is open on a different monitor.

I need to edit some code in the first instance to reproduce the issue. E.g. add some comment at the end of a line.

Sometimes after inspecting code in the second worktree on the second monitor and clicking into the editor window on the main monitor the editor window scrolls down some lines (about 10 lines) and the caret is on a different position then it was intended to.

Maybe it's necessary to change the active editor on the second instance with Ctrl - TAB before clicking back.


Hello Huha

Thank you for the detailed description of the issue. It looks like a known issue IDEA-318373. We are working on a fix. Please feel free to "Watch issue" to monitor progress.


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