Asking advice for choosing Keymap. What's considered the most default one?

Hello community,

My background:

  • Never used any JetBrains tools before. I know nothing about the Rider user community.
  • Been using VSCode and Sublime Text for many years. I use shortcuts a lot.
  • I do Unity C# development mainly.

I just started to use Rider. The first thing it asked me is to choose a "Keyboard Scheme". And this is where I am having questions. I am not sure which one to choose. Most of the time when I am learning a new tool, I kind of want to use the way it is naturally (if not too difficult, of course). For example when I'm learning Blender, I use the default Keymap instead of the Industry Compatible one. I'll list my questions below.

Question 1: What's considered the most native/default Keymap of Rider, if there is one?

I see there are IntelliJ and ReSharper. I know nothing about them but I know they are JetBrains's products. I am guessing IntelliJ is the most "default" one since it's listed as the first?

Question 2: If a person without any background starts to learn Rider, what's the recommended Keymap?

This is similar to the previous question. I simply want to know what's considered the most default one. Or what's the most recommended one.

Question 3: From the screenshot I post, you can see that I am using VSCode Keymap now. Is there any disadvantage for me to do so? For example, will I find most of the articles on the web, or videos on YouTube, using different Keymap than me? Or is this not a problem at all?


Thank you.


Hello Hatsu,

Thank you for reaching Rider Forum.

As for the pros and cons of the different keymaps, there are none and they are related only with the habits you have and built in for the pure convenience. Different keymaps in the Rider menu mostly depend on the background you have - Visual Studio, Visual Studio + ReSharper, VSCode or Sublime, for instance. 

Taking into account that you are using Rider for the first time without any background, I would suggest starting from IntelliJ keymap, since it exists in IntelliJ products. Thus, if you need use CLion, WebStorm or IntelliJ, for instance, in the future, you will have a similar keymap already preselected. If it is not comfortable to use for you, you may either tuning it up to your needs or trying using another keymap. 

Have a nice day! 


I forgot to come back and check. Thank you for the advice!


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