Rider can't access git project


I'm doing a project with a friend, he created a repository for himself and gave me all the rights. Through Git Hub Desktop I calmly create branches, commits, push them, etc., but Rider, when trying to push a commit, will throw an error

He is trying to access this project through my account, but the project is on a friend's account. Tell me how to fix this?

At the request of Rider, I added my GIT account, but this did not help


You simply have no write access to this repository. Please ask your friend to add you as a contributor with write access. Or, alternatively, you could fork the project into your account and, after pushing your changes there, create a pull request on GitHub


I wrote that I can work with git, but through Git Hub Desktop. This means that all rights were given to me

The problem has already been resolved. On another forum, they suggested re-authorization to git in Rider through tokens


Thanks for sharing the solution - I've overseen the GitHub Desktop sentence.



Branch creation and commit are local operations, whereas push is remote operation.

If you are unable to push to a repository and if repostiory belong to an organization you might want to follow GitHub's guide on how to request permissions for application (JetBrains IDE integration):


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