After updating to version 2023.1.1, the new UI began to disappear.

After updating to version 2023.1.1, the new UI and all the settings that I did manually for Rider began to disappear. I made an export, but every time I open Rider, the old version starts, I have to re-import the settings and restart.


The fonts and sizes of the editor have also fallen off, they also have to be set by hand every time you start.







In general, add a function so that you can roll back to the previous version 2023.1


Hello Klodis9000, thank you for your message.

Please let us know the following information:

- how did you update Rider? What was the previous version?

- how do you change these settings?

- please also provide the exported settings, you can upload them to JB server via form.

- do you have the Settings Sync plugin installed?

Thanks in advance!


Klodis9000, we've probably figured out what's going on here.

Do I understand correctly that you exported the settings from the old Rider version? If so, then the fact is that in the Rider 2023.1 we have changed the set of color themes. And, perhaps, the old theme, which is specified in the settings, is replaced by a new one while you are working in Rider. Settings can confirm this theory. Or you can check which theme is used in the File | Settings | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance right after you have imported the settings into Rider. The workaround here is to change the fonts/font size as needed in the settings for the new theme.

Also, please let us know if File | Settings | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance | Sync with OS option is enabled in Rider settings.

Thank you!


Неправильно понимаете, Мария, после обновления я настроил новый UI под себя и сделал экспорт настроек и после уже его регулярно использую в качестве актуальной конфигурации

Данная проблема осталась в версии 2023.1.2. После того, как закрыл Rider происходит полный сброс всех настроек даже если их не экспортировал, а делал с нуля руками


"Maria, you misunderstood. After the update, I customized the new UI according to my preferences and exported the settings, which I have been regularly using as the current configuration.

This issue still persists in version 2023.1.2. When I close Rider, all settings are completely reset, even if I didn't export them and set them up manually from scratch."


И все те способы решения, что вы предлагаете я уже испробовал, поскольку ранее кто-то с ними уже сталкивался
And all the solutions you're suggesting, I have already tried them, as someone else has encountered them before


Здравствуйте, Klodis9000. Спасибо за ответ и извиняюсь за длительное молчание. Если Вы не возражаете, я бы перешла на английский, так как это публичное сообщение на форуме. Возможно, кому-то это обсуждение будет полезным в будущем.


To further investigate this issue, please provide us with additional information. Could you please reproduce the issue and collect the full log bundle so we could take a closer look at the case?

Also, please attach Rider settings: File | Settings | "Manage Layers" button at the bottom => "Export to File" in the context menu for each layer. Please upload settings files manually to JB server via form.

Thank you!


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