Git > "Show History" Hangs

Hello, I am struggling with being able to see the History on an individual file in Rider.

If I right click a file and choose "Show History"

Then the dialog shows "Loading commits..." for infinity and never loads the History

Please let me know what I can try or other screenshots to provide.

Thanks so much.



Hello Ck,

Thank you for reaching Rider Forum.

If you still observe the same performance issue then please collect the following information:

Attach the information for further investigation to our server and share the ID.

Thank you in advance and have a great day!


Hi Anna Morozyuk

It turns out following your steps above, seems to have solved the issue

I think it was the Step:

"Invoke Help | Diagnostic Tools | Profile Indexing. Click Invalidate and Restart (please note that Local History and Indices will be destroyed)."

Once I performed that, all the associated Git functions began to work fine. So for now, I am good. Thank you.


Glad you had your issue resolved! 

If any further questions - please let us know.


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