Is it possible for "Remote dev" on windows vm from mac M1 Rider?

I have a bit of a problem with my current project, it's a solution with some projects targeting .Net framework 4.7.2-8 and a couple of projects targeting .net 6- 7. Thing is, both projects require a class library based on 4.7.2 and cant be upgraded without completely rewriting the solution. So Currently i use a vm in Parallels for all my dev, due to the fact that some features in the 4.7.2 project is not ported to mono(some asp stuff).

But I was thinking, would it be possible to connect to the vm, and a headless dev environment in Rider all locally on my machine? This is a bit new to me, but could I use Vagrant for this? I tried using the remote ssh connection, but thats a beta feature in Rider and does not support Windows currently.

Any Ideas?

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Regrettably, using a Windows machine as backend is currently not possible. Please upvote the relevant issue in our tracker to indicate your interest: GTW-27 Remote development host should be available on macOS and Windows. You can also click Watch to subscribe to future status updates.


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