Rider does not detect Unity Mono Install


I don't have autocomplete in Unity3d project. I think it doesn't work because it can't detect Mono from Unity3d.

I get this error:

"Rider was unable to detect a Mono runtime on this machine.

We strongly recommend to install the latest version of Mono."


I tried setting the mono runtime manually, facing to unity/monodevelop but the "OK" button does not light up, and I can't select any of the folders.

Should I just install separate mono?


Yes, for now you should install separate mono.

Since Unity 5.5 ships with mono 4 theoretically it is possible to use it, but we haven't tried yet. Unity prior to 5.5 ships with old mono 2, which can't be used by Rider.


I have tried it right now. And created a request for autodetection in Rider.
For now you may manually set Rider settings mentioned in https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RIDER-3825


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