Latest EAP disables Plugins?


I have been successfully (and very happily) developing for Unity 5.5 on a Mac until this issue. 

After switching to the Dec.19th EAP, the two plugins I had been using with the previous EAP don't appear to be working.

I was using the Unity and Heap plugins.

No other plugins are installed.

I've tried all the usual stuff. - uninstall/reinstall plugins - checked for latest versions etc. - I even read the release notes



Yes, unfortunately, the plugins don't support the latest EAP version.

Plugin support is still somewhat experimental, and the problem here is that the two plugins (Unity and Heap Allocation Viewer) are both targeted at ReSharper 2016.3, but the latest Rider EAP is built against what will become ReSharper 2017.1. Both plugins need to be updated to work with the new version. This is a pain point with ReSharper itself (we need to recompile all plugins for every release, and we have 3 releases a year…) and is something we plan to address in the next version of ReSharper.

But for now, both plugins need to be updated. I'll try and get this done as soon as possible, but the Christmas break might slow things down a little (although there might be a quick fix we can do with binding redirects). Apologies for the inconvenience.


Thanks for the quick response.

The plugins are nice but not (yet) essential for me.

Rider - even at EAP - has become my everyday Unity/C# development tool - no more VM'd Windows system just to get Resharper.

Happy Holidays to everyone at JetBrains.



The Unity plugin has been updated for the latest EAP build. You should be prompted to upgrade.


Upgrade works great.

And now with little Unity symbols in the gutter - nice.


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