Poor performance in Ubuntu 16.04

In windows Rider works smooth latency wise even with solution wide analysis turned on.  On Ubuntu 16.04 on the same machine (installed via Jetbrains Toolbox app if that matters) against the same .net core solution it has crazy high latency from keypress to editor update.  Not a full second or anything ridiculous like that but it's extremely noticeable and not very pleasant.  This is even with solution wide analysis completed and had been running for a while. 

For reference, the latest Datagrip works perfectly fine for me on that same Ubuntu instance, so I don't think it's an overall Intellij issue for me.

*Edit:* After rebooting Rider seems fine again.  It almost seems like mono-sgen needs to be completely reloaded to get back to normal performance.

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Same problem on Ubuntu 18...

If I open two Rider instances it's the end, I must do a hard shutdown. 

I have 8go ram and an ssd, it looks like I need more ram to open two solutions, because modo-sgen takes approx. 1.5go per solution + rider + os, it just paralyzes my laptop by swaping...


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