.NET Core debugger adapter installation failed



Looking for some help here. I have recently installed Rider and did some testing with standard .Net Framework console applications and everything worked as expected. However when I created a .Net Core Console App I'm unable to debug it.

Whenever I try to start a debug session it fails with: "Error running ConsoleApp: .NET Core debugger adapter installation failed. See Event log for details"

I am, however, able to run the app without issue, just not debug it.I tried searching Event viewer for an entry related to this (per the error message) but I was unable to find anything that seemed to relate to this.

Could it be a compatibility issue? I have VS2017 installed. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. 

Note: I'm running on Win10, using dnxcore50

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We apologise to not giving feedback in a proper time. 

This issue related to an old version and now should be resolved. 

Please, contact us if you still have this issue or in case of any other questions or problems. 

Thank you! 


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