Multiple Git repositories

We have solutions that span multiple git repositories.  IE each project is a child repository of the main solution repo.

In earlier builds of Rider, there seemed to be pretty promising support for this scenario - when I clicked on the current branch it would pop up and show me a list of all the different repositories.  When I clicked on a file it would switch to the relevant repository.  When pushing I could push changes from all repos with changes at once.  It was pretty neat.


For some solutions this seems to work OK.  However, for others it seems to be fixed on a single repo (the one containing the solution).

Is there something I need to do to enable this for a solution?


Ah found it.... there was a little notification thing when I loaded up the solution, and if I pay proper attention to it then there's an "add" link which fixes it. Not sure how to fix it if you ignore or don't see it.  Think it's probably in Settings > Version Control and then the list of projects in there but I had a look at that yesterday and it looked OK (as far as I could tell).  


Looking a bit further I think the option is calle "synchronous branch control", but I'm not sure where it's enabled.  (The option to disable it flashed up but I didn't want to select it!)


What I was looking was Preferences => Version Control => Directory Mappings. This helps me to map all git repositories that I want to trace for changes and commit all at once.


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