Bugs since version 1.0.EAP (built Feb 17): Functionality, Hotkeys



today I was forced to update to the newest build of Rider, and I think it become much worse:

- Basic hotkeys do not work for me anymore, like Cmd+W (Extend Selection), Shift+F6 (Rename)

- Basic functionality does not work anymore, like "Rename" (neither via menu nor via hotkey)

- Compile errors are not highlighted in the editor anymore, but just listed in the build window

- Highlighting the identifier under the caret does not work anymore.




Please try to disable Unity plugin.


Thank you for your immediate support!

You are right, deactivating the Unity plugin solves all the listed problems. But: I am a Unity developer, so I need the plugin. I reactivated it and after Rider restart in the event log it says

10:52 VTable setup of type JetBrains.ReSharper.Plugins.Unity.Psi.Resolve.UnityEventFunctionReferenceFactory failed
--- EXCEPTION #1/2 [TypeLoadException]
Message = “VTable setup of type JetBrains.ReSharper.Plugins.Unity.Psi.Resolve.UnityEventFunctionReferenceFactory failed”
ExceptionPath = Root.InnerException
ClassName = System.TypeLoadException
HResult = COR_E_TYPELOAD=80131522
Source = JetBrains.ReSharper.Psi
TypeLoadResourceID = 0
StackTraceString = “
at JetBrains.ReSharper.Psi.Files.ReferenceProviderFactory.Create (JetBrains.ReSharper.Psi.IPsiSourceFile sourceFile, JetBrains.ReSharper.Psi.Tree.IFile file) [0x00040] in <3801162300fc435893317af6f772fd62>:0
at JetBrains.ReSharper.Psi.Files.CachedPsiFile..ctor (JetBrains.ReSharper.Psi.IPsiSourceFile sourceFile, JetBrains.ReSharper.Psi.PsiLanguageType langType, JetBrains.ReSharper.Psi.Files.ReferenceProviderFactory referenceProviderFactory, JetBrains.ReSharper.Psi.Parsing.ILexerFactory lexerFactory, JetBrains.Application.IShellLocks locks) [0x000d9] in <3801162300fc435893317af6f772fd62>:0
at JetBrains.ReSharper.Psi.Files.PsiFilesCommit.B... (show balloon)


Do you think this will be fixed soon?


Updated plugin should come today. Unless some other hidden problem appear.


A new build of the plugin was released last week. Please update Unity Support to 1.5.1. Don't forget to re-enable if you've disabled it.


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