Unity 5 is EOL with 5.6. Is there any chance of co-operation between Unity & Jetbrains for full Rider integration with Unity 6?


I have no idea of the business decisions involved but it seems like a good opportunity to me. Currently Unity have their own Monodevelop and they support Visual Studio fairly well. I've been using VS2017 with Resharper but I really miss my Jetbrains IDEs when I do. I keep double-tapping that shift button when I want to search for a file.  


We currently have the Unity plugin for Rider, which provides a number of very useful features for Unity development, and we have a lot more interesting things planned for that. What would you like to see - what do you mean by "full integration"?


Mostly ease of integration. Since 5.2 unity has built in support for the visual studio tools for unity plugin. I recently set up my dev environment on a new pc with Unity 5.5 and the latest visual studio. After installing 5.5 I installed VS 2017 CE and it detected unity and asked if I wanted to integrate with it.

I clicked yes, it got the plugin and integrated with Unity automatically, to the point where when I open a script from unity I have the debug options of "Attach to Unity" and "Attach to Unity and play" and it just works out of the box. I think I had to set my preference to VS2017 instead of monodevelop from within unity, that was the extent of the configuration. VS plugin also supplies syntax highlighting, code completion and quick docs. 

If this sort of thing is already in the Rider EAP I'll happily grab it and take it for a test drive. 


Right. We have a good relationship with the folks at Unity, and hopefully, Rider will be an option in preferences in newer versions of Unity. And we've got plans to make the rest of the integration a bit slicker, too - making it easier to get all the plugins you need correctly set up.

As for features, you can see what the plugin already does by checking out the readme (it talks a lot about ReSharper, but it's equally applicable for Rider). We can already attach the debugger to the editor instance very easily, using the "Attach to Local Process" menu item or keyboard shortcut, but we can't yet automatically switch to play mode. This (and more) is definitely on the roadmap.


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