How to set what File Types are auto-incuded in a Unity 3D Project


I am using Rider for a Unity 3D Project, but I need to be able to see .json and .png (and probably other file types later) to show in my Solution Explorer.


I can see these files if I set the option "Show All Files" but then it shows all those pesky .meta files and and .prefab files. I can also manually Include individual files, but I don't want to do this for every file.

I can't find any dialog box that lets me configure this kind of thing.


Also.. I'd like to see empty directory folders in my Solution Explorer as well. 




You would need to patch  RiderAssetPostProcessor in

modify each csproj with

<Content Include = "**\*.json"/>  

That must be enough.

Feel free to make a pull request or issue on github.


Edit: Fix Compile to Content and slightly path


Okay, I installed the plug in, plus RiderUnity3DConnector. Just to be save, I shut down Rider, deleted the .idea folder plus the solution files from my project, and then reopened it through the Unity IDE under Assets -> Open C# Project in Rider. And it loaded up the project.

Stilll my .json, .png, and empty folders issue persists.


When you say I need to path RiderAssetPostProcessor, exactly what do I need to do? I see some methods related to loading files, but I don't understand how it works to allow certain file types to show in the project.



Edit: Oops, I didn't see your tip to add that compile element to the xml.. I just add it, and I still don't see the .json files

Edit 2: I just noticed that whenever i re-open Rider, it removes those lines from the .csproj files


I have made modifications related to json files in branch
Try it, polish it, make a pull request.
Regarding the question about regeneration of csproj and sln files - it is done by Unity, not by Rider.
Unity3dRider is a plugin to Unity which uses a Unity extension point to modify sln and csproj files generated by Unity.


This does the trick!


I cloned the include.ison branch, included support for images, audio files, and 3d assets (some people like to see these files in their IDE for quick reference to file names).


When I try to push my commit, I get a 403 "remote permission denied" error. I'm a bit of a git noob so I'm not sure if I'm configured wrong on my end, or if I need access to push. If its the latter, my gitHub Email Address is Garmichael at google's free email domain 


You would need to Fork the repo first on github. Then checkout, make your changes, commit, push and then make a pull request.


Awesome, I figured it out! Thanks for your help


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