Can't use EA Build 20, would like to continue with build 19


I need to continue using build 19 as build 20 is broken.

When using build 19 I could run my C# server side on IIS, and debug the web-side of my application using a debug configuration. This is no longer possible in build 20. I'm a subscriber to all products and would hope that this might allow me to continue to use build 19.

It was a great debugging experience and I dread having to go back to VS's debug for JavaScript.

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Hi! All EAP builds are limited. There is no technical possibitity to continue using eap19. Currently Rider is not yet a finished product. It will become a part of all products set only after its release.
Please describe here or in, what issue with debugging prevents you from using Rider, we will try to find a workaround or at least fix it in one of the next eaps. Thanks in advance.


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