Gradle support for development plugin for Rider.


In this guide we have the instruction how to configure build.gradle for plugin development for IDEA Community edition. 
intellij {

version 'IC-2016.3' 

plugins 'coverage'

pluginName 'plugin_name_goes_here'


What should I write into build.gradle for supporting and using Rider SDK instead IDEA Community or Ultimate edition SDK.


There is no Rider SDK right now, however, there is some initial support. You can add intellij.type='RS' to the build.gradle file in order to tell the Gradle plugin to download Rider jar files to reference. You can also specify a version (171.4089.466 is EAP21) or a localPath to a currently installed version. Take a look at the build.gradle in the Unity plugin for an example.


Thank you, it works.


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