Built files are not executable on Linux


Hi all!

I'm using rider on linux, and when I build my solution the output exe file doesn't show the execute permission: via command line I can launch it by means of mono, but not directly

>/usr/bin/mono bin/Release/hw.exe
Hello World!
bash: ./bin/Release/hw.exe: Permission denied
>ll bin/Release/hw.exe
rw-r--r-- 1 ***USR*** domain users 5120 giu 23 09:43 bin/Release/hw.exe*
>chmod u+x uuidRamUsage.exe
Hello World!

I've noticed this thing but I'm not sure whether that's an intended feature and, in case it is, why.

I'm using Rider v171.4456.575 in Ubuntu 16.04, please tell me if you need any more info, thanks.


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