How can i use a second monitor efficiently?


I just started my Trial today, so I might have missed something, but I do not seem to get my a hold of how to use a second monitor. I am used to Visual Studio and the neet drag and drop feature for the windows, wich (i think) Rider does not have so far. You can float them and make a tab full screen on the second monitor but then you can not add another tab to the second window. For example i like to have the code and the solution explorer on one monitor and unit tests, console, version control etc on the second monitor. The best i could do was float all the windows and arrange and resize them in a way it is "ok" for me, but this clearly is a really unfun experience. Also i like to have the "file structure" and solution explorer on one tab and toggle it, depending on what i need right now.


How do you guys deal with this, or am i missing something here?


p.s. In the survival guid i read, that there are no multiple windows right now, is this what i am experiencing right now? Does anybody know when this feature will come?


I am having the same issue. A lot of space is wasted on the second monitor.



There is a similar existing feature request: IDEA-55195. We would appreciate if you would upvote the issue in order to demonstrate additional interest and bring increased awareness to the issue.


And that issue has been running for 11 years and no plans for it to date?



I can't give any estimations yet, but we plan to improve the docking system step-by-step. There is already some work done in this area.


1000% showstopper.


Well, there goes my plan to switch to Rider... Without multi-monitor (I use 4)  support, Visual Studio is the better choice. I think 11 years without any visible movement on a major feature is a strong hint that there is no real interest in providing it.


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