is it safe to add Unity3DRider.cs to version control if I'm the only one using Rider in my team?


Hello everyone. :)

I work on several different teams in a couple different projects, all Unity based. Being a huge fan of Resharper I decided to give Rider a try, loving it so far.

One thing I didn't quite like and worries me is that rider forcefully created a file in my Unity Project as part of the integration with Unity, it seems (file is called Unity3DRider.cs). Is this file safe to upload to VCS? What if no other member on my team also uses Rider as their IDE?

Also, another important point is that once I opened an Unity Solution in Rider for the first time it kinda hijacked my Unity configs and forced itself to be the default editor. That was a bit rude. =P

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1. In Rider you may disable automatic adding Unity3dRider.cs, if you want.

2. You are right, Unity3dRider tries to find Rider installed in the system and make it the default editor. Please raise an issue, if you consider this behavior inappropriate. But keep in mind, that if your team-members doesn't have Rider, it will do nothing. And if you have Rider and prefer different editor it will be done only once the very first time.

Best place for discussing Unity integration would be here, please consider starting a discussion there.

Thank you for the feedback and for using Rider.


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