rider unable to determine project context

Using Rider 2017.1 RC on Windows 7

For some reason Rider cannot properly set the project context of a .net core project i'm in.  What i mean is when i'm in a .cs file for a particular project, in the bottom right gutter bar it says "Misc Files", when hovering over it says "Project context: Misc Files".   Because of this I loose all intellisense and code analysis.

One thing to note is that i have multiple projects in the solution and this is the only project that exhibits this behavior.  Clicking on files from other projects switches the context correctly.


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To follow-up on this, for anyone that runs into a similar issue...

I discovered this was somehow related to the MSBuild version.  I can't explain why but changing the version (Settings->Build, Excecution, Deployment->Toolset and Build) from "Latest Installed....15.0" to "Auto detect...dotnet/sdk/1.0.4..." resolved the issue.


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I have the same problem, but changing the MSBuild setting did nothing. I thought maybe there would be a fix in the next build, and it does it in the EAP version too.

I also use WebStorm, which doesn't seem to support .cs files, and I'm wondering if there's a conflict in the configuration files, since the syntax highlighting looks almost identical to each other in this state.


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