Combining default keymaps.


Hi, I'm coming from Visual Studio where I use Resharper and the Emacs extension.  In Rider, I can choose between Visual Studio and Emacs keymaps which is great but what I really need is a blend of the two. For example, C-n, C-p, for next line, previous line, F10 to step over in the debugger, F11 to step into, and Alt-' for resharper context menu, Alt-Enter, Alt-PgUp and Alt-PgDown. 

I have found my modified keymap files but they only contain the differences from the base keymap.  I'm having to resort to

1) change to keymap A

2) search for the keyboard shortcut

3) note the name of the editor action

4) switch to keymap B.

5) search for the editor action

6) change the shortcut. 

Is it possible to get the xml versions of the default keymaps?  I'd be happy hand editing them.

Official comment

Since Rider 2021.2 there is an option to import the keymap from VS, VSCode. You can find more information here.

Regarding exporting of keymap definition into a separate file.
When some of the predefined keymaps are being edited in Rider, a separate XML file is being created under the `C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\JetBrains\Rider<version>\keymaps` folder. This file is a child of the predefined keymap and does not contain all the shortcuts from the keymap but the only difference (customized shortcuts). This file might be shared with your colleagues. More information here.
The same is applicable to the keymaps which you can install from `Settings | Plugins | Marketplace | /tag:Keymap`


I am afraid that there are no XMLs with default keymaps, they are created as a combination of two resources which are somewhere inside of Rider's jars. However, it is possible to get a TXT with all shortcuts from all keymaps.

1. Turn on Rider internal mode. Go to "Help -> Edit Custom VM Options" and add "" to rider64.exe.vmoptions

2. Restart Rider

3. Go to "Tools -> Internal Actions (Rider) -> Dump -> Keyboard Shortcuts"

Hope it helps.


I have the exact same need : mixing Rider and VScode shortcuts, with a little bit of sublime text, because they are all My editors of choice.
I saw that Rider for UE (and perhaps "normal" Rider) has additional tools to compare keymaps and to export definition into CSV files. 
Great feature !
I hope I could find an easy way to mix my 3 keymaps and to import them into an uniq one


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