RIDER - applicationhost.conf port problems - could not run project


We are trying to run our solution projects from rider. It was great before updating to latest build (2017.1 RC). Also we were able to specify port ourselves (they are 500x by default for each project in solution).

In 2017.1 RC version of rider it seems there some bug in software. (See picture)

Some of projects have strange symbols instead of ports and it cannot be overwritten due to rider writes this back whenever we try to run project.

Is there any solution for this trouble? 


P.S. we could not distinguish the difference between projects configurations. They all seem same. 


I've faced with the same problem, I am not able to specify bindingInformation ports in the config file, but in previous build version it worked.


Just copy the site binding with your own valid port to "C:\Users\<YourUser>\Documents\IISExpress\config" inside applicationhost.config.

And in rider set up new .NET Executable as shown in the screenshot below.

Its a quick workaround for the bug but it should do the trick



Thank you, linked solution with SSL port helped.


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