Call Hierarchy is always disabled


Call Hierarchy in Navigarion is always disabled in my Rider IDE, even though the feature works in the ReSparper. How do I enable call hierarchy in Rider?


The same about Call hierarchy and Method hierarchy. Will are they available soon ? 


Still the same... How is this not fixed yet?



please fix, this is an important feature


Not sure about Rider but in IntelliJ to get the Call Hierarchy of a Java method you have to first Build/Rebuild the project. Then the Call Hierarchy menu item is not disabled.


Hi there!
Rider does not support method hierarchy feature yet.

Here is a corresponding issue: Please, feel free to vote for it.

As for call tracking for the backend languages, there is a Call Tracking feature in Rider which does the same


I hope this helps.

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The issue mentioned is about "call hierarchy" rather than "method hierarchy". 
I have the same problem related with "call hierarchy", nothing happens when I press "Ctrl+Alt+H"


Apparently, Rider has two similar features:

- Call Hierarchy that works only for frontend languages in Rider (e.g. typescript), as it is derived from IntelliJ platform

- Call Tracking that works for .NET languages (e.g. C#), as it is derived from ReSharper

I guess that you try to use Call Hierarchy on C# (for example), when you need Call Tracking instead. This is definitely a usability problem, here is the corresponding issue:

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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