Python support?


Hi guys I see that there is some Python support as I am able to add a new Python file however... I can't see a way to write python files without creating a csproj? This doesn't quite seem right? I'm probably doing something wrong.


I'd like to use Python along with my .NET project. I installed Python Community plugin, but don't see where to add Python to the project. It looks like the project and modules concepts of the platform are completely hidden in Rider. Is it possible to hack .idea xml files to add Python or there's a more supported way?


I'm taking Rider 2019 for a spin and I find this a problem, for python and other languages. Is it possible to add "python" to the new solution window??


Hello all! 

Sorry for the late answer. 

Now you can't create a new project or solution, but you can create python files in the existing project. Here is a request for solution creating - RIDER-28507. Please, feel free to follow and vote.

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