"'Rider action': getting the action ready." when editing Razor views

When editing Razor files in Rider 2017.1.1 - or perhaps more specifically when editing embedded JS in a Razor file - I am often getting "'Rider action': getting the action ready. Press Esc to cancel...". This blocks from editing for about 10 seconds. It happens mostly when I paste something, though sometimes it's triggered just by hitting Enter or something else seemingly trivial.

This screenshot shows it happening. I've just hit Ctrl+V. The view is about 750 lines long, so not that big. The solution itself is pretty huge.

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It would be ok if this is for a code generation or any other complex task, but it's really annoying to wait more than 5 seconds, just to paste some code. 

I'm using

JetBrains Rider 2018.2.3
Build #RD-182.4231.496, built on September 13, 2018
Windows 10 10.0


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