TeamCity Integration


Is there any HOWTO for Rider TeamCity plugin? I'm stuck with very basic problems (using Git VCS):

  • Build configurations are filtered by unknown pattern (trying to set up IDE Notifications in TeamCity with no success)
  • Shown build configuration unrelated to current branch (pattern branch filter from TeamCity VCS is ignored)
  • It's using default branch instead current one in last build status and adding to queue
  • Can't run build from My Changes tab
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Hi Jan,

For example you could set up IDE notifications to 'build fails with my changes' in some project or Root project, after 'refresh' action in IDE, configurations will appear on 'Projects' tab.

Unfortunately plugin does not distinguish branches, so 'TeamCity' tool window would show all build configurations without any branch filtering, same for 'add to queue' action.

Usually, on 'My Changes' tab you will see remote runs and submitted changes to have overview of then, it's not designed to run any builds from there.

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