Hanging Connecting to ReSharper Host on OSX


Every time I first start Rider, it hangs loading the solution with this message.  I've tried waiting a while but it never completes until I kill my network connection, at which point it loads quickly.

What is Rider trying to connect to?  It may be that my company is blocking the connection, but I'm not sure why it's related to my network connection; everything should be local.  Are there any services or local ports I should be looking at to troubleshoot this issue?


Encountered the same problem on MacOS Catalina, Rider 2020.2. The solution for me was to restart Rider completely, not just close the solution and reopen it.


Hello guys, if you face the issue again and willing and able to investigate it further, please open an issue on our tracker and attach logs and thread dump, so we could have a bit more information on what exactly is going on.


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