Where to change asp.net razor view editor colors?


I want to change .cshtml editor colors so that it matches IntelliJ Idea. Looking at settings > File types I can see .cshtml files are called ASP.NET Razor View but then on the Editor > Colors & fonts I can't seem to find the right page to edit this colors...

Where to edit this, for example html tag colors, etc?


Hello! Colors for Razor views as well as colors for other entities relating to ASP.NET can be found in Colors & Fonts | ASP.NET settings page


Yes, I also thought so... maybe there is a bug going on or I'm not changing what I'm supposed to change:

No matter what I do on ASP.NET or HTML settings I can't seem to be able to change color on:

  - ViewBag.Title

  - HTML tags (<div, <h1, etc)

Is this a bug or I'm missing the right setting to change those?



You're using 2017.1, this should be fixed in 2017.2, you can download EAP build from our site, or wait for Release build which should be available later this week


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