MSTest V.20 - Where is it looking for vstest.executionengine.exe


Hi - I'm checking out your native support for MSTest 2.0 so I've followed MS's blog to convert to v2.0 but I get this error in Rider: says it should work out of the box but I still had to put in the path to VS IDE folder, if I don't I get this error:


  Runtime Enviroment:

      Platform Type: x64

      Platform Version: v4_5

19:50:27.036 |I| Starting process: True\CommonExtensions\Microsoft\TestWindow\vstest.executionengine.exe /ParentProcessId 655364

19:50:27.042 |V| The system cannot find the file specified

 Then when I put in the VS IDE folder I get this error:

Remote: An exception occurred while invoking executor 'executor://mstestadapter/v2': Value cannot be null. Parameter name: key

Rider 2017.2 EAP
Build #RD-172.4144.808, built on September 29, 2017



Rider wasn't able to run MSTest v2 unit tests in classic .NET projects before v2018.1, see RIDER-8954. 2018.1 RTM is not released yet, but one can download EAP build here:


Hi Julia, on RIDER-8954 it says we still need Visual Studio installed to run MSTest2.0 on full framework. Do you have any background why MSTEST2.0 won't run on full framework without Visual Studio?


Dylan, at the moment Rider uses Visual Studio test runner to run MSTest2.0 on the full framework, which is distributed under Visual Studio's license. 


Hi Julia - thanks that makes sense. For anyone looking at this thread with the same issue: don't bother trying to get MSTests running under Rider, I highly recommend you switch to NUnit. We had well over 10,000 tests to migrate, and NUnit's syntax is easily searched and replaced, and can be resolved with a NuGet package. 


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