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When debugging a solution a configuration with "single instance only" and then pressing F5 while running it (i.e. not at a breakpoint) Rider initially brings up a dialog for "Are you sure you want to stop the running one?" with the option to Stop and Rerun or Cancel.

Normally I hit this when jumping through a series of breakpoints and press F5 once too often/too soon. In this case Visual Studio would do nothing rather than trying to rerun (which is the behaviour I would like, rerun being already being a separate option and shortcut.)

I've clicked the Don't show this again box on this dialog and then pressed Cancel, expecting cancel to be the saved behaviour, but it now just Stops and Reruns each time it would have shown the dialog. How can I get it to show the dialog box again to avoid accidently closing my debug session?

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I have a similar issue.  I have a bunch of compound run configurations, each containing about 20 projects, some which overlap.


Every time I ran a configuration where the projects overlap I had to press the cancel button about 15 times in order to prevent existing projects from stopping.


Today I noticed the Don't show this again checkbox, so I checked it and clicked cancel.  Now, instead of keeping all my projects running, it stops all of them.


How do I get this dialog back, or switch it to not stop projects already running?

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To restore the notification, open the file .idea/workspace.xml from your project root, and set the value to true in the following parameter:

<property name="restartRequiresConfirmation" value="false" />

I hope this helps! Should you have any other questions, let us know.


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