Visual Studio 2017 Docker Tools generate dock-compose support


Currently I have existing projects using VisualStudio for Mac, and I use its Tools for Docker which similar to this link:


I use docker network create for local debugging with different ip address locally which will be different from my remote deployments.

I change the docker-compose.yml, docker-compose.overide.yml and to custom configurate the docker deployment as well as local docker debugging.

My project works fine in Visual Studio for Mac as above and now I like to convert my IDE to Rider.

I like to know how to configure Rider to support these 3 yml files to achieve the same workflow so both IDE will behave the same.





Visual Studio for Mac is a defect-infested piece of shit. Having used every tool in the JetBrains quiver so far, except for Rider, I decided to use Rider for my current gig where the brain trust decided to use .Net for their API. Everything is working as expected, but unfortunately I can't get the docker compose stuff to work to spin up the Swagger UI. I hope someone looks into this issue.


Hi! Multiple docker-compose files are not supported in IntelliJ platform so far. Please feel free to vote for IDEA-159935 and add comments. Sorry for that.


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