A lot of files in contentModel.xml


I am using Rider with Unity and recently I've updated Rider to 2017.2 and it generated indexLayout.xml file inside .idea folder with this content:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project version="4">
<component name="ContentModelUserStore">
<explicitIncludes />
<explicitExcludes />

Since then my contentModel.xml file in .idea folder contains a line for every file in my project. Before the update it used to be a small file with couple of excluded unity folders. This behavior is very inconvenient because this file changes every time a new file is added to the project. Another problem is that I often commit part of my changes to the git repository and right now I always commit contentModel.xml which contains lines for files that are not yet commited.

Is this a normal behavior for new Rider version or did I accidentally enabled some setting? I am also using .ignore plugin, but I already tried to disable it and it did't helped.

Sorry for bad English.

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Your English is brilliant, don't worry :)

The contentModel.xml file is auto-generated by Rider and can safely be ignored for source control reasons.

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Thank you, I'll add it to gitignore then.

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Hi Matt

Just a quick one, there is a gitignore sample that is available on your site, this doesn't include the contentModel.xml. Might be worth adding it to the sample!




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