.NET Project Templates


I've seen Rider don't have all of the existing templates for projects and for adding new items within the project, as in Visual Studio. Will it be added in the future? Or at least the option to manually add it for whom who wants templates which are currently not available to choose from.


We are working on this right now. You might want to check out new templates on the latest Nightly build:

1. Download free JetBrains Toolbox app.

2. After installing it, scroll down to Rider and select "Install 2017.3 Nightly".

Your feedback is appreciated!


Ok, I see you can create project templates. But it is provided by the dotnet (core) cli tool.
How can I create a project template for a .Net 4.x WinForm (Desktop Application)?

Can you please describe the steps I need to generate a unique GUID for the WinForm's project from the template.

And can you also provide the stept to create the Item-Templates similar to Visual Studio to generate more then one file, e.g.
MyFile.cs and MyFilePart.cs.



Here you can find an example of a template with random number. You can do the same thing for the guid ("generator": "guid", which is documented here).
We recommend that you create a so called "core" template anyway, and import to Rider as it is described in our docs.
The thing is that although we use the "core" template engine, you can create any kind of project templates with it, including classic .NET Framework SDK projects.
Hope this helps!

As for the multi-file templates, unfortunately, it is not supported in Rider yet: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RIDER-13364


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