launchSettings.json support


Hi all, I want to clarify one thing about supporting launchSettings.json files in Rider.

For example, we have a bunch of microservices in our solution with env. settings for testing. Should we move all settings from launchSettings files to Debug Configuration section in the Rider or it could be done in some other way?



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At the moment you should move the settings manually from launchSettings.json to debug configuration. We consider the possibility to do this automatically, please vote for this issue to increase the priority of this feature:

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Upvoted also. We wanted to start using Rider instead of VS, but moving tens of microservices' configurations, each with tens of environment variables, is what stopped us in our tracks. Currently not viable to do it manually.

Will wait for an update on this part

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As a workaround, you can add a "native executable" type configuration, calling out to the dotnet executable. You cannot attach the debugger automatically, but it at least loads the launchSettings.json correctly.


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