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Hi Alex. As far as I can tell, the errors you're seeing will be fixed by running a build. The syntax trees that syntax highlighting and inspections are based on are generated code, which is not checked into git. Once you've done a build, Rider should update the project and resolve the errors.

However, you don't actually need to open this project if you want to update the plugin for the Unity editor itself (the Unity3dRider folder). The files for the Unity editor plugin aren't compiled by the Rider/ReSharper plugin and are just stored as resources, ready to be copied into the project. To be perfectly honest, the process for updating these files is a little clunky - the files are concatenated together, and copied to an existing Unity project. We'll edit that file, and then recreate the changes in the original source files. This at least allows us to test the changes inside a running instance of Unity.

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