Use of C# 7.2 and Linux

Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to use C# 7.2 features (like in parameters) in Rider (2017.3) in Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS). 

Any help on this? Thank you.


I don't believe they have full support for C# 7.2 features as of yet, I am experiencing static analysis issues with some of the new features in some circumstances also. 

Another which seems to be missing entirely is ref structs.


Code of course compiles, as that is done by .Net Core SDK (Mono does not seem to support the new C# 7.2 features either), but Rider is not happy.


Here is what I have gathered of issues relating to C# 7.2 features thus far:

  • ref structs are entirely not supported
  • When calling method using in-parameters, it incorrectly requires to add the in keyword before each argument, which is not required but optional (different than ref and out which is required for those)
  • When using NuGet package that uses in-parameters, it incorrectly infers these are ref-parameters and shows an incorrect error
  • Static analysis for usages of in-parameters seems lacking (example, it doesn't show error if trying to reference in-parameter inside a lambda)

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