When i double click on the line on Unreal Live coding console, it doesn't open Rider, but Visual Studio

My editor source code setting is Rider.

And Rider is opened well when i double click on a c++ class on the content browser.

Is this a feature that isn't supported yet? or did i set something up wrong?

FYI, UE5.2 / Rider 2023.1.1 / VS 2022


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Thank you for contacting Rider support.

I don't see that double clicking on error in the Live Coding window navigates to file Visual Studio. Do you use any VS extension/UE plugin.

Regrettably, Rider doesn't support navigating from the Live Coding console window yet. We have a corresponding feature request on our tracker:

We would appreciate it if you could upvote it to demonstrate your interest.

Have a nice day!


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