Unity Python Scripting auto complete


I'm looking for a way to achieve auto complete for Unity Python scripts in Rider for Unity (UnityEditor, UnityEngine) and .NET (eg. System) modules. Has the JetBrains team or the community tackled with this already?

I've found these repositories: 

I may can use these to generate python stub files. I'm just checking whether there's an existing solution before I dive too deep.






You can use Python Community Edition plugin to get completion for Python code in Rider. Please note, that this plugin will not work for code inside a string literal (i.e. intended to run via PythonRunner.RunString() method). 

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


Hi Ivan,

I'd like to get auto completion for Unity modules like UnityEngine and UnityEditor.
So I'm not about to use python code inside C# using PythonRunner, but the other way around: writing python code in .py files and using .NET modules like System, UnityEngine, UnityEditor, etc.
I guess the only way to achieve auto completion is to generate python stub files (.pyi). Eg. UE does this for us; it's a built-in feature there.

I was just wondering whether there's an existing solution before I look into  creating a custom stub generator.


Hello Hollov,

Indeed, there is no completion in that scenario. Thank you for bringing this up, I have submitted a new feature request to our tracker RIDER-94245 Support for Python completion for Unity Python Scripting. Please upvote the request and click Watch to subscribe to updates.


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