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Hello, I am looking to write a plugin that adds a "Custom Button" in the "Help" menu of JetBrains Rider software. The functionality of this button is to refactor rename a series of class names within a text file. These classes belong to my C# Unity project. I have tried several plugin examples on GitHub, but it seems that they are not working. Each time I build, a .dll file is generated in the bin directory. I have tried using "Install Plugin From Disk" but nothing happens. There is very little documentation on Rider plugins available on the internet. Can someone tell me if this idea is achievable? If so, how can I implement it? I have spent a lot of time on this without finding a direction

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Hi Dacnguyendevelop95

We have a slack channel #dotnet-pluginwriters where our plugin writers can ask Rider/R#/IJ developers. I hope this is the best place to find some help in your case.

Just let me know if you want to be added there.



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